Doug Funnie is Crazy

    This is a blog I start sometime last year because Doug Funnie is crazy, and most people don't realize it. He's always described as a normal, average kid and he's just not. He is psychotic in so many ways. Anyway, you can read it here or here, depending on whether you like Tumblr or Blogspot better. I don't care.

Pog Songs - Songs About Pogs

    This should be pretty obvious. I collected pogs in the short time they were popular (1994) and I recently dug them up and start this stupid blog where I write a shitty song as fast as possible and then throw together a really shitty video for the songs using windows movie maker. It's a little more well thought out tribute than pogs deserve, but I enjoy doing it anyway. Here!

Dr. Tweenus Gonzo News!

I've given up on trying to figure out how to alter the Dr. Tweenus Gonzo news blog feed on the main page of this site. I want to make it so you can see more than the last three posts, but I don't remember how I even got it to embed on that page anyway. So, instead of screwing it up, I'm just going to post the link here. Of course, you could just click on the titles of the posts in the news feed on the main page here, but in case you didn't try that, now you have this useless reminder.