Oh, thank god!

    Time to set off for Bowser's castle. It's several states away though, and I don't have a van for some reason. I mean...I'm a plumber, so I should have a van that I could just drive across the Mushroom Kingdom, but I don't. So I must walk.

    Walking can be very dangerous. As I mentioned before, there are plants that spit fire at you! There are koopa troopas everywhere! THERE ARE HOLES IN THE GROUND THAT ACT AS BOTTOMLESS PITS! YOU DIE IF YOU FALL IN! Luckily, I found a box with a mushroom in it. This made me much bigger. I can't really do much that I couldn't already do. I can smash bricks now. That's kind of neat, but it gets old. I found a bunch of coins that way. I don't know why I have a plumbing business when I could just wander the countryside, smashing bricks and finding the gold coins that are inexplicably hidden in them.

On the way through the first state, I hit a brick and...

    - A flashing star popped out!

    - A flower popped out!